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By Suzann Sladcik Wilson

Cool2Cast-cover72dpiWelcome, my creative friends! Recently, my colleagues at Bella Crafts Quarterly asked me to review their new e-book Cool 2 Cast -Tips, Techniques, and Ideas for Jewelry, Home Decor, and Embellishments.  I was also sent a sample of Cool 2 Cast to try out.

IMG_4588 Cool2Cast Jar and moldsFor those of you not familiar with Cool 2 Cast, this medium is a must try for jewelry makers. Cool 2 Cast allows you to make your own pendents and embellishments from molds or free form from texture plates or rubber stamps. It has a texture similar to plaster, but much more lightweight.

Some of the materials you will need to create Cool 2 Cast pendants.

Some of the materials you will need to create Cool 2 Cast pendants.

Since I had never used Cool 2 Cast before, I was heavily relying on the instructions in the Cool 2 Cast e-book. I am happy to tell you that the instructions were very well written with lots of photographs for the steps. The book also includes lots of inspiration with numerous projects included.


Examples of large stamps, texture plates, and silicone molds you can use with Cool 2 Cast.

I decided I wanted to try my hand at making some pendants. From the book, I knew that I would need the Cool 2 Cast, silicone molds and a large sheet rubber stamp, bails, jewelry glue, some sand paper, paint and possibly a few embellishments.

IMG_4146The mold that I decided to use is a new one from Sculpey called Cabochon Shapes. I really like it. It gives you four different shapes in three different sizes. I also decided to use the clock rubber stamp from above to try a little free form molding.

IMG_4171I let my Cool 2 Cast sit for and hour and then released them from the molds. Then cleaned them up with 220 grit sand paper. As you can see, the results turned out very nice.

Cool 2 Cast Pendents by Suzann Sladcik WilsonHere are a few of the samples of the finished pendents. I decided to make the clock into something with a steampunk theme. On three of the other ones, I decided to add Swarovski embellishments, because, well, who doesn’t like a little extra bling?! The little pink one was made with pink glitter paint. I might turn that one into a ring.

If you would like to order your own copy of the Cool 2 Cast e-book to create your own custom jewelry pieces, click here. You can see a list of blogs featuring other Cool 2 Cast and find out how to win your own starter set of Cool 2 Cast by clicking here.

What would you create with Cool 2 Cast? Is there one of the pendants that I created that you like best? Let me know in the comments!