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By Suzann Sladcik Wilson

Craft_Your_Stash_1Welcome everyone! Although most of us reading this blog are primarily jewelry makers, it’s pretty safe to say that we have dabbled in other creative pursuits from time to time. Maybe you have a collection of stamps and inks when you wanted to try card making, a collection of fabric for that sewing project that never got started, or stacks of scrapbooking paper that you bought on sale because you knew you would use it “someday”.

You might be asking yourself “what do I do with all this stuff?” This is where Lisa Fulmer’s book Craft Your Stash comes to the rescue! Craft Your Stash is chock full of inventive ideas for what do with all those creative goodies you have laying around. She even has a section on how to organize your stash that is so useful that you will find yourself actually wanting to clean up your crafty space!

Jewelry business cards inspired by the book "Craft Your Stash" by Lisa Fulmer

Jewelry business cards inspired by the book “Craft Your Stash” by Lisa Fulmer.

There are many inspiring projects in Craft Your Stash including ones with beads such as the “Photo Cube Ornament”, “Suncatcher”, “Treasure Box”, and “Lariat Bead Necklace”. The one project that immediately caught my eye was the “Personal Calling Cards”. You see, this summer I attended a Swarovski Crystal class at the Bead and Button Show. The generous people from Swarovski sent us home with an amazing bag of goodies that included a stash of flat backs that would make you drool, (lucky me, right?!). I have been looking for a project to do with them, and this was the perfect one.

Materials to make Jewelry Business Cards

Materials to make Jewelry Business Cards.

These cards were also a chance to dive into my stash of stamps and inks. For awhile, I tried to dabble into stamping, but for some reason I have never been bitten by the paper crafting bug. You would never know it, though, from the collection of stamps that I do have. I was also able to use some new inks from Staz On by Tsukineko. I really like the new colors they came out with. The Gothic Purple and Blue Hawaii turned out great on the cards and showed the details of the stamps beautifully.

You can use different colors of crystals to give your cards some extra bling.

You can use different colors of crystals to give your cards some extra bling.

One tip i would like to pass along that will make your cards much easier to create is to use either a Crystal Katana or Tanto tool by Crystal Ninja. I used the Tanto for my project. It allowed me to place the crystals exactly where I wanted them and with ease. I also used the Precision Glue Bottle from Crystal Ninja filled with Beacon Adhesives Gem-Tac to make sure the crystals stayed in place.

Lisa Fulmer’s book Craft Your Stash had lots of photographs and lots of step by step instructions that made creating the cards a breeze. This is a book you will definitely will want to add to your crafty library. You can order your copy of Craft Your Stash on Amazon.com.

I hope that you enjoyed my review of Craft Your Stash and the Blinged Out Business Cards that I created. Let me know what you think of them in the comments above!