By Suzann Sladcik Wilson

Welcome, friends! Today I am going to introduce you to a product that you might not think to use in jewelry making, Rowlux® Illusion Film. This plastic film comes in a wide array of colors and finishes. To see them all, head on over to Amazon.

Neon Brights Necklace by Suzann Sladcik Wilson

Neon Brights Necklace by Suzann Sladcik Wilson

When I saw the film, I knew right away that I wanted to highlight the beautiful shimmer it cast. The perfect way to do that was to showcase the Rowlux® Illusion Film in a silver frame. By soldering it between two pieces of glass, it gave almost a stained glass look to the piece.

Earring Card with Rowlux® Illusion Film

The Rowlux® Illusion film can have many different uses in jewelry making. Using it as a background will make your designs pop in pictures. Line a display at a craft fair using Rowlux® Illusion Film for a sure fire way to catch customer’s eyes. Speaking of displays, you could create your own custom head turning earring cards to showcase your creations using the film and hole punch.

Rowlux® Illusion Film

If you would like to find out more about creative uses of Rowlux® Illusion Film, check them out on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and You Tube.

Here is what you need to make the Neon Brights necklace pictured above:


  • 12 – 1″x1″ glass squares
  • 2- 1″x3″ glass rectangles
  • 20 – circle twisted jump rings
  • 12 – oval twisted links
  • Rowlux® Illusion Film in
  • Sharpie Marker
  • Copper Foil
  • Flux and flux brush
  • Lead-Free Solder


  • Soldering Iron
  • Chain Nose Pliers
  • Bent Nose Pliers
  • Third Hand
  • Hemostats
  • Scissors