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By Suzann Sladcik Wilson

Hi There! Welcome to the first ImpressArt Blog hop. The people from ImpressArt were extremely generous with the product that they gave us to make a project to share with you. There was so much, be on the look out for a few more posts this week with their products.

As the goodies were being gone through, two ImpressArt Metal Stamping Blanks seemed to jump out. They seemed to look like wings. Right away the idea for this project started to form.

The words “She Flew Too Close” were stamped on the wings using ImpressArt Metal Stamps. Anastasia’s Flight Pin by Suzann Sladcik Wilson

In a recent book, there was a female main character that, because of the relationship she was in, felt like Icarus. She was afraid that, like the subject of the Greek Myth, if she got too close, her metaphorical wings would melt and she would end up plunging to the ground. That imagery is something that many woman can relate to. Those relationships where our feelings for the other person is so intense, we are afraid that the person could never feel the same way we do. We could end up hurt and broken- just like Icarus’ fall. Finally, the main female character confesses her Icarus like feelings to the object of her affection. She then finds out that it is he that feels this way about her.

So, in honor of the female character, the Anastasia’s Flight Pin was created.

The metal stamps were super easy to use. They allow you to be able to express what you want to say in such a unique way. The sentiment on the wings “She Flew Too Close” are what makes this pin express itself.

Here is how it was made:


ImpressArt Alphabet Stamp Set, Bridgette, lowercase

ImpressArt Metal Stamping Hammer

ImpressArt Steel Stamping Block

ImpressArt Stamp Straight Tape

Sculpey Flexible Push Mold – Fairy Mold

Super Sculpey Living Doll Clay in Light

Premo! Sculpey Accents in White Granite

Dimensions Felt Works in Gold Curly Roving

Pin Back

Not Pictured:

Black Permanent Marker

Jewelry Glue

1. Condition clay and create body using the push mold.

2. Place the wing blanks on block and secure with tape.

3. Mark your tape with permenant marker, to ensure proper spacing of your metal stamp.

4. Place your stamp above the mark on your tape. You will know you have proper placement when you can feel the stamp ‘catch’ on the top of the tape.

Striking the ImpressArt Metal Stamp

5. Strike you metal stamp using the 1 lb. ImpressArt Metal hammer to imprint the stamp image onto the ImpressArt Metal Blank. Project Tip: To make your letters really pop, cover with permanent marker and quickly remove the ink with a polishing cloth. The ink will stay in the imprint causing the letters to stand out more.

6. Continue steps 4 & 5 until all the words are placed.

Wings attached before baking.

7. Place the wings onto the back of the Sculpey figure. Bake figure according to manufacturer’s directions. Project Tip: You can add the wings after the figure has been baked, but I was excited to find out the ImpressArt Metal Blanks will have no problem going through the oven.

8. Once the figure has cooled, use glue to attach the Dimensions Felt Works in Gold Curly Roving for the hair. Onto to the back between the figure’s shoulders, glue the pin back.

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There is a great contest going on at the ImpressArt Facebook page! (See! These are some great guys!)

The Grand Prize is valued at up to $120.00 and contains:
1- ImpressArt alphabet set of the winner’s choice
1- ImpressArt Steel Stamping Block, small
1- ImpressArt Metal Stamping Hammer
1- ImpressArt Stamp Straight Tape
An Assortment of metal discs

To enter the contest, go to the following link and follow the directions:


Good Luck and enjoy hopping around to see the other great projects from ImpressArt!