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by Suzann Sladcik Wilson, Beadphoria

We at Beadphoria always enjoy sharing with you inspiring artisits, books, articles, and projects. Today we would like to present to you a video from Deutsche Welle (don’t worry – it’s in English!) about Jewelry as Art – Peter Skubic Show in Munich, Germany that was originally posted by Lark Jewelry and Beading books on Facebook.

Peter Skubic’s views on jewelry making mirror how many of us feel when designing our wearable works of art when he says “Jewelry is like drawing on the body. It is a nod to a certain way of thinking. A non-perscribed way of thinking. It is a way of expressing your personality.” Well said!

I think that is what draws many of us to the world of beading and jewelry design. When we finish a piece of jewelry and wear it, we are boldly showing our  personality, passion, and creativity for all the world to see. We, and those that wear our beaded jewelry creations, become a mobil art gallery as we go about our daily lives. Truly, we beaders are “Creating Joy (for the world and ourselves) One Bead at a Time!”

Take a moment to enjoy the video. You are sure to hear many more statements about Jewelry as Art that will ring true and make you smile.

The show is currently running at the  Pinakothek der Moderne (Modern art Museum) in Munich, Germany until May 15, 2011.

If you have any questions about beading, or the video about Jewelry as Art- Peter Skubic show in Munich , please feel free to contact me at 224-305-3321 or Suzann@Beadphoria.com. Always happy to share the joy of beading with you, Suzann Sladcik Wilson of Beadphoria.com and BeadphoriaBoutique.com.

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