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Ginkgo Shimmer Necklace by Suzann Sladcik Wilson using silver electroplated ginkgo leaf.

By Suzann Sladcik Wilson

Time for another installment of Beadphoria Friday Favorites! As noted by the November issue of BeadStyle, we love electroplated leaf pendants. We like the idea that something from nature is permanently preserved in such a beautiful way.

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with a new supplier for our electroplated leaf pendants. Not only are we going to be able to bring you a greater variety of leaf pendants in more finishes, the are also produced by hand right here in the United States!

Golden Maple by Beadphoria Designer Ashley Peszek using gold electroplated maple leaf.

Electroplating is a process that started being used in the beginning of the 20th century. What happens is an electrical current is used in a solution to coat an object (in this case, leaves), with a layer or layers metal. Green leaves are covered with copper to make it conductive. This also help the leaf be able to retain its shape and vein patterns. Then 24 K Gold, Fine Silver, or Iridescent Copper is electroplated onto the leaf.

There are many small, hand -crafted steps involved in making these gorgeous leaf pendants. Each one is inspected for any tears, holes, or other imperfections. They truly are individual works of art made in conjunction with man and nature.

Autumn Beginnings by Suzann Sladcik Wilson using iridescent copper maple leaf.

This coming weekend, you will start to see many of the new leaf pendants starting to come into the Beadphoria Boutique. This will include Ginkgo leaf pendants in silver,  iridescent copper, and the usual gold. Maple leaf pendants will be available in all three colors. We are also considering caring aspen and birch pendants. Please remember when ordering these pendants that each is made out of a real leaf and may vary slightly from the one shown.

If you have any questions about beading, or electroplated leaf pendants, please feel free to contact me at 224-305-3321 or Suzann@Beadphoria.com. Always happy to share the joy of beading with you, Suzann Sladcik Wilson of Beadphoria.com and BeadphoriaBoutique.com

*All photos are property of Beadphoria and are not to be used without permission.