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By Suzann Sladcik Wilson

We have been crazy busy here at Beadphoria. First of all, a heart felt thanks to all of you for the fantastic response to our article in BeadStyle Magazine. The Beadphoria Boutique has been hopping!

But like often happens when we get busy, things slip through the cracks. One of them has been our blog. When we found out that one of our extremely talented friends, Theresa Cifali of the Altered Canvas, was having some of the same issues, we decided to team up and hold each other accountable for blog writing.

Today’s blog is the first Tool & Tips Tuesday. The first tool I want to share with you is the Easy Ear Wire Maker from MP Products. Our customers are raving about it! This tool makes ear wires in a snap, saving you time and money.

Cutting 20 gauge wire to the exact length on the tool makes sure that you ear wires are always the same size.

Step 1

With the Easy Ear Wire in the start position, remove the clear disk. Insert the wire between the metal pin and crescent shape  in the middle of the tool. Make sure that the end of the wire is in against the stop on the kicker, which is below the two middle parts.

Step 2

Hold the wire firmly against the serrations of the kicker with you finger to keep the wire in place.

Step 3

Replace the clear disk, pin side down, on the metal post of the lever, with the pin in the crescent recess of the lever.  Apply enough pressure with your finger to keep the wire from sliding.

Step 4

With you left hand hold the disk down lightly and turn the disk counter clockwise.

Step 5

Remove you right finger from the kicker and place your left index finger on the disk. Press down lightly, so the disc will be able to slide as the lever moves. With your right hand, turn the lever clockwise.

Step 6a

Until it rests against the kicker in its new position. Allow kicker to move during this step as this helps bend the wire properly.

Step 6b

Lift off disc and remove finished ear wire.

Step 7

You can also try making ear wires in different colors to match the project you are working on, or hammer them to give them a more textured look.

This is one cool tool you will be happy you have in your studio! The Easy Ear Wire maker is available in the Beadphoria Boutique for $24.95.

If you have any questions about beading, or the Easy Ear Wire Maker, please feel free to contact me at 224-305-3321 or Suzann@Beadphoria.com. Always happy to share the joy of beading with you, Suzann Sladcik Wilson of Beadphoria.com and Beadphoria Boutique!

Photos use with permission from Euro Tool.