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Bead Soup Necklace "Reflections of Lorelei" by Suzann Sladcik Wilson

I had hoped to get two necklaces done for today’s bead soup reveal, but a trip to the ER on Wednesday night after smashing my left index finger in a cabinet changed all that. Luckily it is only a severe bruise and required a brace for a few days.

I was able to finish this necklace, “Reflections of Lorelei”. The beads my bead soup partner Melissa Rappaport sent are totally out of my box. After laying them out they seemed just flow together. What they reminded me of is what one of my favorite designers Lorelei Hill Eurto would use. I have long admired her work and her ability to mix different stones and metals together. Her wire wrapping is also amazing. She really was my muse for this piece.

Thank you, Lori Anderson for once again stretching my creativity and coordinating the second serving of  bead soup! Click on her name to be taken to Bead Soup Central!

If you have any questions about beading, or the second serving of bead soup, please feel free to contact me at 224-305-3321 or Suzann@Beadphoria.com. Always happy to share the joy of beading with you, Suzann Sladcik Wilson of Beadphoria.com.