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Happy Shoppers at the Rings & Things Show!

Shopping is always fun at a Rings & Things Show!

by Suzann S. Wilson

This past Thursday Beadphoria went to the Rings & Things Traveling Bead Show in Chicago. This event is a highlight for Beadphoria, as that they not only get a chance to buy top quality beads and components, they also get to interact with other jewelry makers. Here is an account from Suzann Sladcik Wilson.

While I was shopping I noticed a man and a woman perusing the beads together. What struck me was that as the woman was shopping, her husband was following two steps behind holding his wife’s bead tray.  Many husbands/significant others, while being supportive of our beading addiction passion, would have listed being in a ballroom filled with beads low on their things to do on a Thursday afternoon.

Since I had my camera, I asked to take a picture of the couple.  The woman stated, “Oh, I brought my brother, too! Do you want him in the picture?” I couldn’t believe it! Husband and brother? This smart woman had brought an all male crew with her!

After I took the picture, we had a lovely conversation.  She was currently on her 3rd tray of beads and owned a small bead shop in rural Illinois. When I told her the picture was for Beadphoria’s blog, she said “uh oh, my husband is a pastor. What are people going to think when he should be in his office writing a sermon and he is with me at a bead show?”

My answer…“Just tell people that they’re prayer beads!”